Tuesday, November 3, 2009

True Love and baseball

Tonight I got the wonderful treat of seeing my son and husband in absolute bliss. They were playing baseball in our backyard. Now you had to be here to see why this particular night showed such true love.

First of all, our son has been determined to play baseball with his father in the yard for several days. Weather, work schedules and sunset have conspired to keep this from happening. Yesterday he requested that his father set up some really powerful lights to light up the back yard so they could play in the dark. Yes, my son wanted a lit field.

Tonight, at the moment he stopped work for the day Drew and Connor hit the "ball field" in our backyard. Light was fading fast, but the enthusiasm was big and not to be denied. Connor likes nothing better than playing with Daddy. I watched as the first inning or two unfolded in the lingering dusk. The ball was getting harder to see, the plays getting harder to call. Suddenly, they trooped in to the house and made a beeline for the basement. Game called due to darkness? No....

Up from the basement came my child, giggling with glee, and my husband carrying his large double utility light. This is the light and stand that is usually reserved for rooms being painted, work in areas with no electricity. This was the light that gave my son his wish for the week... a fully lit playing field in the back yard. Game On!!!

The game progressed from there and fun was had by all. There is never any doubt that Drew loves his "Little Man" but tonight was a special example for sure.

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