Sunday, November 8, 2009


Chores never end do they? When I was little, chores had a defined beginning and end. I had a list, I completed the list and the list didn't come back for a week. Whew. This created a skewed vision of life and the place chores occupy.

My list has no beginning and no end. It has lasted for decades and shows no sign of stopping. Oh, there are breaks, to be sure, but the list is always there waiting and growing. There are many crossed off items, things accomplished, handled, addressed. But oh so many new things are added.

Lately I have felt so overwhelmed by chores. The chores that are everyday like straightening and laundry, errands, and cooking. Then the chores that are seasonal like clearing the gardens, packing up the porch, and prepping the yard for winter. Don't forget the holiday chores, since once again I am cooking Thanksgiving (one chore I actually enjoy). This year we added major house renovation chores like furniture moving, painting preparation, scrubbing, and hoisting. And I added to my list committee work at church and in my village.

I feel like I do some chores every day, something even if it is small. There are days when I work on a few things and see no progress or difference. There are days where I trundle from chore to chore to chore and end the day looking around in some triumph.

But still, the list gets no shorter.

I need a day, a weekend, a something to take some time off. A full day where there is no counter to clear and wash off, no dishes to load and unload, no laundry to manage, no meals to cook. I need a day out of the everyday life to just be, just relax and enjoy my family, my life.

Maybe even a brief time everyday that forces me to be in the moment, not thinking of all that needs to be done. Wait, maybe that is part of what this blog is for. A time every day to remind myself of the bigger picture. I'll take that moment every day and blog, but I still really want a full day (or more) to relax.

Vacation, a blissful week between Christmas and New Year's Day can't come fast enough. We won't go away, but we will take that time and forget the chores for a few days. Why, oh why did we think becoming grown-up would free us from our chore list?

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  1. I look forward to my annual vacation between Christmas & New Year's too. We don't go anywhere either - I don't even go to the after Christmas sales anymore. Low key entertaining of friends is the order of the week. Yes, chores are involved in that but it doesn't feel like a chore when cooking and planning a fun time for people I love during the waning holiday season. It's also when I take down our tree and put away decorations that have been up since the day after Thanksgiving. Even though that's a big job I'm so happy to have it done and my house back to normal that I don't mind!

    I'm enjoying your blog Terri and I hope you'll keep writing.