Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today I set out to get a little more of my house cleaned up. It has been 10 months since the pipe break, nearly a month since the major repairs were complete, and I am ready for my house to be straightened up and presentable.

I started downstairs, which is largely straightened out and clean. I needed to sweep the new hardwood floors and kitchen, dust the furniture, put away some toys, and clean the kitchen counters. Not to tough, and would give me a boost of optimism to tackle the second floor, which looks like a bomb has gone off- repeatedly.

As I swept I found some spots on the hardwood flooring that needed some spot cleaning. Not enough to break out the mop and bucket, but had to be addressed. I whipped out the sprayable Murphy's Oil Soap, some paper towels and started spraying and wiping. This activity proved to be irresistible to Connor and he wanted to "help." This help consisted of crawling around to find dirt and spraying said dirt with cleaner and sloppily wiping up, while I scurried behind doing the real cleaning. Cleaning accomplished, and Connor taught a valuable lesson about helping out. Yeah mommy!

On to other tasks I went, grimly climbing the stairs to tackle the hall bath, our only real operational bathroom for the last month. I decided that bleach wipes and crawling on the floor were the only way to go today. As I swabbed the decks so to speak, I would occassionaly hear Connor downstairs yelling "Whoa!" and hear thumping. I guessed he was sliding in stocking feet, but asked to be safe. His response... "I'm cleaning the floor and now it is slippery." Hmmmmm... I guess the Murhy's Oil Soap is making the floor slipperier that I anticipated, oh well, I deal with that later.

After many more minutes of wiping down the bathroom, I headed down to see what needed to be done to address that slippery floor. Turns out that Connor had sprayed nearly a quarter bottle of floor spray in the Family room, ran out of paper towels and was now sliding around in it with no pants on. awesome.

So now he is in the bathtub, taking an unplanned bath, I have crawled on my hands and knees drying the floor downstairs that wasn't dirty to begin with and trying to remind myself that he was helping. Bless his little heart.

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