Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mean Girls

If you are a female of the human race you have been a mean girl or been a victim of one.  They are inevitable and unavoidable miseries that dot the landscape waiting to wound and main the unsuspecting.  You can tell yourself any number of little white lies to make them seem like the walking wounded, or something to be pitied, but that allows them to behave in hurtful ways with no responsibility for the damage they do.

I had hoped I had left mean girls long behind me when I left school.  For a few years it truly seemed that way.  It wasn't that I didn't have conflicts with women, of course I did. But a mean girl, that is a particular creature capable of so much damage.  How sad to find that some girls never outgrow being mean.

Grown women who are mean girls fall into a couple of categories.  There are those who were mean as children and never outgrew it.  Then there are those women who were victims of mean girl in their younger years and now they have found themselves an opportunity to claim perceived power and be mean girls themselves.

These days I am dealing with the later breed of mean girl.  A woman I have come in contact seems to so clearly have been one of those girls in school victimized by mean girls. I can picture her being teased, picked on, embarrassed, humiliated.  I can see it when I look at her because I was her once. I can see it in her eyes the same that I can see it in mine sometimes.  Unlike me, she wants to make others hurt the way she hurt.

This woman is toxic, to herself and all those around her.  I watch her belittle others, frighten others into being her "friends" and generally making any situation she is in all about her.  I have no patience for this crap, none at all.  I spent so much of my youth victimized and crying because of girls like her that I have no intention of fannying about with it now.

So, mean girl, you are on notice.  You aren't frightening me and I won't stand silently by as you tear others down.  The day will come when you will find that those you think are your friends are really just frightened of you.  When they realize that others feel like they do, they will join together and you will be powerless to stop them.  You will be alone in your meanness and we will be happier to be free of your nastiness.

Mean girls suck.