Friday, November 6, 2009

Red Lights and Running Late

This morning I had a meeting. Not something that happens more than a couple of times a month, so you would think it is no trouble to leave the house early and have a leisurely drive in. You would think and you would be wrong.

No matter how carefully I plan, how early I set my alarm, my morning spins out of control and I am rushing like crazy to get to this meeting and not be late. Yes, I did stop at Dunkin Donuts, but if I hadn't I might have passed out from lack of caffeine. Seems like giving myself nearly 25 minutes to drive 5 0r 6 miles and make one brief stop should be reasonable. What I never allow for and never really anticipate are the red lights.

Does some kind of radio signal emit from cars driven by frantic late people? Do we unwittingly send out psychic energy that lets EVERY traffic light know we can't afford to stop? Clearly, this morning I must have been because I caught every red light between me and the meeting.

Each time I approached a light I started mentally begging it to remain green (or change green before I had to stop). Perhaps this was where I went wrong. Maybe if I had hoped for delays these contrary yet inanimate objects would have sped me on my way. Regardless of the right or wrong of my begging, each heartless light would change red and render me helpless to get to my goal. I tapped my foot, drummed my fingers, and tried not to keep looking at the clock.

How did it end? With me sprinting in to my meeting with little time to spare, but close enough to count as on time. Take that oh spirits of the traffic lights!

Next month, I will leave with more than enough time. But just in case, I am going to start planning a route with fewer traffic lights.

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