Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I feel like... "A one-armed paper hanger," "A one-legged guy in an ass-kicking contest." Do you get the idea??

Don't know why, but lately I feel very busy and pressured. Lots to do and no time to get it done; Errands, cleaning, laundry, dishes, sweeping, yard, porch, basement, ground floor, second floor, activities, medical concerns, church, holidays. Seems crazy and I never feel caught up.

For a while as fast as I checked items of the list, three were added. Thankfully even though the list is still growing, I am finally feeling like I might be catching up.

I've given this some thought. Guess with the house construction (recovery from the pipe break in January), and the additional duties at church and in my community, I am just juggling more than usual. I'll get the rhythm, it just might take some time.

A vacation would be in order, just a few days someplace different from here. Someplace without laundry machines, without toy boxes to fill, without a stove to cook on, maybe even without a phone. Some quiet and a place that just forces the three of us to slow down and enjoy each other.

Looking forward to Christmas- 2 weeks of being a family and no work pressures. A schedule all our own.

Until, I will keep hanging paper and kicking asses.....

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