Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Frazzled and Scattered

It's early January.  The holidays are over and all the rushing and flurrying is over. We only have to put away the tree and decorations and settle in for the Winter slog.  I'll admit it, January to March are about my least favorite months.  I don't like the cold, the stress of worrying about the oil in the furnace tank the icy roads, the bitter cold punctuated by the Spring-like teases.  If I could hibernate like a bear I would gather my little family around me and hunker down for a long Winter's nap.  Sadly, that is not possible.  So I am left frazzled and scattered.

I will spend January tackling large cleaning and organizing jobs I have put off for months because it was too hot or too busy to manage.  February will find me looking for more to do.  By March I will cheat Mother Nature and build a mini greenhouse for my front porch in the hopes of fresh greens for St. Patrick's Day.

The cold and isolation of January, February, and March leave me feeling restless and unsettled, frazzled and scattered.  Maybe this is why my grandmother spent so many hours with garden catalogs, notebooks, and seedling trays during this time.


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