Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Weary

I never considered myself as a person that suffered from seasonal depression, but I will admit that this Winter has me on the ropes. It has been grinding cold since the beginning of December, and one snow storm after another since Christmas. I am so sick and tired of cold, snow, and frozen precipitation of any kind I could cry. I am so worn out I can't even dream of planting and gardens right now. I want to, but it seems so distant and remote.

So here is my little message to Winter- I generally like having a few days curled up by the fireplace (which is a whole other saga at my house this year), but I think we have had our fill. It would be nice if you retreated to those areas that are used to you being there year round and leave us to balmy breezes, green grass, and growing plants. I am ready for warm sun, swaying flowers, warm garden dirt and fresh vegetables.

Here I am, slogging through the snow and slush, trying to remember that this too shall pass.

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