Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ah Summer, the season of vacations, sun, sand, heat, humidity, loose schedules, and lingering days. In June it seemed to stretch before me, a long vista of peace. Now, I am too far into this game to believe that perception and I knew how fast it would go. However, each year I swear time speeds up and the wheel of the year is spinning out of control. This year is proving to be no different.

June slipped by so quickly I couldn't believe it when ACRA began at the end of the month. The simple act of going to ACRA each day made time speed up considerably and before I could blink, it was the end of July and the end of ACRA for this year.

Now, the last week of July is melting away and August yawns before me. I know that summer will slip through my fingers just like dry sand. I will frantically try to hold on to it, to fit as much as I can in my hands, only to have it disappear in the wind. I have so many things I want to do, so many places on my list to get to, so much more fun to fit in, but August is so painfully short.

Add to this the gaping of the coming school year (something I haven't truly dealt with before) and I have no idea how I am going to make August less of a swirl. I guess I just have to do my best, fill my hands with the fleeting moments and hang on for dear life.

In closing..... Dear Arden Fair (which always marks the end of Summer in our house), you could take your sweet time getting here. Enjoy your journey through August and let me do the same. Bliss out as the days continue to shorten (sob), and let the "lazy" happen in August as it did not happen in June and July. As much as I look forward to your arrival, I could truly do with a little extra Summer this year, how about you?

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