Friday, February 26, 2010

What were they thinking.

So today was meant to be a stay at home snow day. Apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo, cause the snow really didn't amount to much. So Connor and I were at home, Drew was working from home, and no plans had been made beyond "play in the snow." Needless to say that by noon we were all a little frayed and Drew needed some time to work in peace and quiet. I thought of open swim at the Y and Connor and I were off.

Usually, open swim on a weekday is a relatively quiet affair. It's a great chance to get in some nice warm water and work on Connor's swimming skills. Connor has a great time, I have something to keep him occupied for an hour or two, it gets us out of the house, and we both get exercise. Generally a win/win. NOT ON A SNOW DAY!!!

Note to self, never, not ever, do I want to go to open swim on a snow day ever again. I thought I was being careful, going in to check the crowd (not too bad) and check in with the front desk to make sure the snow-day camp kids weren't parked in the pools. Not careful enough.

I suppose the first tip off should have been the private changing room strewn with clothing and left open and unavailable for anyone else. Hello- that's what the lockers are for, change in private, store your gear and let someone else enjoy some privacy. Hey, anyone can make a rookie mistake.

Found a private room, got myself and Connor changed and organized and headed to the family locker room. Went to stow our gear in our "regular" locker and on the floor was two pairs of boys sweatpants, inside out, complete with skidded up underwear. Yep, there they were, laying crotch down on the nasty carpet in the locker room (BTW who thought carpet in a public locker room was a good idea). EEEWWW, YUCK, NASTY, GROSS, ICKY!!!! I was beyond grossed out, first at it being left there, and then with the idea that some poor children were going to have that pulled on to there naked tushies. OMG

Finally made it through the unexpected mine field that was the locker room and made it to the pool. Hmmmmm.... much more crowded than I thought it would be. Ah well, we were there so in we went. The crowd wouldn't have been bad except for this one mom and kids (and I am sure they were the nasty pants group). Her boys were bigger than Connor AND had on floaties. They were twins, were rowdy, and mom figured she didn't have to be right on them, since they had floaties on. That trio seemed to follow me everywhere and the kids always seemed to be grabbing at my non-floaty. still learning to swim child. It was unreal.

I called a swift end to swimming- hey 15 minutes was better than no minutes, right? I just wanted to get into and out of the showers and on into the private dressing rooms before the onslaught. Smart me, swift showers were all we had time for. BTW- do all daddies think it is ok to strip their daughters naked in the family locker room? I am still explaining that to Connor.

I know I am fussy, especially when it comes to Connor and crowds. But honestly- dirty underwear on the floor of a public bathroom, near repeated drownings, and birds and the bees showers were just more than I wanted from the snow day.

Yet, as freaked out as I was by the whole experience, I'd do it all again. When I told Connor we were going swimming, he threw his arms around me and declared me the best mommy ever. Yep, worth it all...... But seriously- nasty underwear?????

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  1. Knowing you as I do, I trust that you complaineed at the front desk about the nasty state of the changing room? I go to that Y and I know how it can be at times. And I totally agree - who was the f***ing genious who thought carpeting the locker room was a good idea? I am always careful never to put my bare feet on that carpet!